šŸ’Ž Ayakashi Berthier šŸ’Ž

by - 8/26/2018

Hello lovelies!

It's the comeback of the Black Moon Clan witches! This time I did an Berthier inspired look. She is the third born Ayakashi sister aka the Icy Queen. When I was doing Koan I really wanted to do Berthier right away but had no wig for her, and it wasn't going to feel right without her icy white hair.
So I got this one from UNIQSO, originally a wavy wig with some wild curls. It arrived quick and was packed in a plastic bag. Due to the length of the wig, it was tangling like crazy so I decided to tame it and straightened the whole wig, which made it look more neat and easy to work with. It is a synthetic wig but also heat resistant so you can easily change styles for it. 

As you can see it is pretty long, also thick, but not thick enough to style it with an updo. My only issue with the wig is the front part. You can see the stitching there and it gives away that it is a wig. It's nothing too serious tho, if you sew another weft there you can easily cover it. 

So overall it is a perfect wig to cosplay long haired characters and since it is very white you can easily stain it, which means you can color it if your desired character has faded ombre hair. Not with hair dye of course, but with food coloring or anything that can cover it. 

If you'd like to get this wig, here is a direct link to it : Uniqso Kozakura Shion. You can use my code for a discount on their website too: VMADNESS. 

Even though this wig helped me make a perfect Berthier inspired look, don't worry I won't use my ice manipulation to freeze you. ;) 
Stay cool until next time ~ 
Make up:

Face: Kat Von D Lock It foundation
Lenses: PinkyParadise Geo Elamis Trendsetter
Lashes: Rogue&Rogue Slayer
Brows: Nyx Sex Bomb palette
Eyes: Jeffree Star Cosmetics base in Glucose & Cake Mix, BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette in Earth, Essence cosmetics Melted chrome in Zinc about you
Eyeliners: Nyx Epik Ink Liner + White liquid liner
Blush: Essence cosmetics in Happy Kawaii
Lips: RdeL Young in 04

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