by - 7/13/2018


It's been a while, but I'm back from vacation and received some extra nice goodies from Monster Party so I had to make a photo shoot for this lovely shirt. One of my favorite things, half-half stuff just like this black and white shirt from Hellcatpunks. It reminds me of Monokuma, and I kinda hesitated if I want to take him with me for the photos, but decided not to. This shirt is a very light material and extra comfy, perfect for warm days. Or for a trip to the market, just as I did. You know, you do you and be yourself. 

 Superhero pose 101, always works when you forget how to pose. Let's name it edgy Monokuma girl. And speaking of Monokuma so much in this post, for those not familiar, it's a character from the game Danganronpa. Or if you ain't into gaming he's in the anime too. Orrrr the least favorite suggestion to people I know, there is a manga too. I always get the stinky eye when I tell someone to read the manga of something cuz the story is more detailed and much better. Along with the stinky eye comes "I don't read the manga, too much of a bother". So whichever suggestion fits your tastes, take that one. If you are into crimi detective stuff with lot's of murder and mysteries you are probably going to like it.

You may think why is it related to the post, it's not, but it maybe is to the next one. Guess you'll never find out unless you follow me. A small hint is: best waifus.

Well we are coming to the end of this post so time for some close up photos of me looking uninterested and staring into the distance. How deep is that? As deep as the wounds they cut on Tomies face maybe? Oh no another name you might not know, I better stop myself now. I shall explain myself in another future post, it's not the time yet.

A very interested red panda appears to end this post and wish you all a nice day! ~ Till next time!

Outfit rundown:
Hat: Open the door
T-shirt: Hellcatpunks
Choker/leg garter: Stradivarius
Belt: mister*lady
Socks: Adidas
Sneakers: Killstar

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