by - 6/18/2018

New hair, who dis? Just kidding. I'm here with a new outfit post of a lovely new dress I found in a small lovely shop in my city here. I've been trying to buy more colorful stuff lately and it's working. I randomly spotted this Hell Bunny dress and had to get it. I've always loved the pin up style and as years go it suits me even more now. This pink piece is a a bit under knee lenght and you can wear it with a petticoat if you want it puffy. I just want it free like this for warmer summer days.

It has adjustable straps which I find amazing, because you can adjust them to your own liking. A very important detail on this dress is.. it has pockets! I was so happy when I found out it has pockets. And not the small stupid ones, decent sized ones. Oh and don't mind the sorry excuse for a bow, I don't know how to tie pretty bows.

It's very princessy if I might say so. I felt like a ginger Rapunzel in it. 

Now I'm searching to find some cute pink heels to go with it, and I might have found some Liz Lisa ones, I just need to see if they will fit me and feel comfortable. For the time being I paired them with my Demonias. Oh and for these photos I tried to smile a bit more, so here's a grumpy one just to keep up with the tradition. 

The lighting was a little bad so sorry about that, it was cloudy and rainy that day so there wasn't enough light. I'll try to take my other photos outside, because I want to take a photo of my other Hell Bunny dress too. It was my prom dress, so I wanna kinda remake that look. It was weird for me to do such simple make up for a shoot, I wanted to make it more mature and pin-up-y.

I hope you liked this look, I will glide in colorful looks from time to time, I've been enjoying it a lot lately. So see you all next time!~

Outfit rundown:
Dress: Hell Bunny x Alchemy
Choker: Claire's 
Shoes: Demonia

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