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by - 6/05/2018


Hi hi hi!

I'm back here with a fun look! I feel like this could be Glitter's sister, that is if you remember who Glitter is. I had this blue skirt around and wanted to do a post with my Aoba shirt that my boy got me a while ago, so I found some free time to play. Doing this look I realized I almost have none colorful clothes anddd that's a bit of a killer to me lately. I love black and all but color is something I want to play with these past days. So I really need to check out some fun new brands.

I didn't edit any of the photos because I liked how everything turned out, so if my human pores bother you, mianhee. I took a photo with this pink Monster because it's the elixir of life, at least to me on days when me caffeine levels drop and try to kill me with migraines. 

A little close up on the make up, I have blush hearts on my cheeks even tho it's not very noticeable in photos. Oh, and look, a smile. In the past I used to do very dark make up, now I like it being cute with a dark twist. I cannot stand putting too much black on since it smears so easily. 

And here is a happy Peach spending quality time with her blue haired husbandos. One of which is going to kill all of her free time the next 6 days because there is a special event for him in the game. I'm looking at you Hijirikawa Masato. I've been playing Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live non stop so I haven't even started Uta no Prince Sama Repeat LOVE, but the time will also come. It will also be a challenge because I think it's only in Japanese. And it's a visual novel so yeah.

That's kinda the reason I didn't buy DRAMAtical Murder re:code, the PS Vita remake because it's also just only in Japanese. I really hope it gets an english version one day. I played both DMMD and DMMD Re:connect and to this day a PC visual novel hasn't showed up that I love so much. That's why Aoba-chan is the main star of this outfit. 

I don't know if you noticed but every time I wear this necklace, it manages to turn backwards. It's a chibi version of Anastasia from The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. My guess is she is camera shy haha. 
Hope you enjoyed this new post, everything in photos will be listed down below. See you all in my next post~

Make up:
Face: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation
Brows: Etude House Pink Skull Palette
Eyeliner: NYX Epic Ink Liner
Lenses: Pinky Paradise Sensual Gray
Lashes: The Vintage Cosmetic Shop Kitty Lashes
Eyeshadow: Etude House Pink Skull Palette 
Blush: Essence Happy Kawaii color changing blush
Lipstick: Essence Kisses from Asia + Balea vaseline

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