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by - 5/24/2018

The visual kei whisperer is back! I'm pretty sure you've seen a lot of subscription boxes online, yet not a visual kei one. Well that is changed now because J ROCK VAULT is the first visual kei subscription box. Finally a fun box for the visual kei fans too! It comes in two sizes, the normal J-Rock Vault and J-rock Vault mini. It's a bimonthly box with a new artist theme every two months. They debut their first box with KAYA. If the names Schwarz Stein and Femme Fatale ring a bell, you probably know who Kaya is. This box is focused on his solo project. To those not familiar with him at all, here are two songs you can check out: TABOO & FABULOUS.  

One side of the box is printed with the artist and you can see that in the next photo.

Now let's see what's inside the box. I got a two-sided postcard and poster, a special artist card, Kaya's single CD Madame Rosa and two T-shirts. One with the J-Rock Vault logo and the other one is from his single Fabulous. Everything is legit and high quality. You can also choose your own shirt size when you subscribe. 

The shirts are very comfy and high quality too, I might make an outfit post with them someday too. 

That is all for the contents of the box. Now I'm pretty curious to see who will be their next artist! 
This box shipped pretty fast, knowing that it was shipped from America, so that may be the only downside for non-American residents, that you have to pay a little shipping fee, but other than that it's an amazing box and you can always see a little preview of the next artist which will help you on deciding whether to get the next box. But I'm very happy to see the visual kei community spreading once again with full force. Make sure to check out J-Rock Vault and support and of course subscribe if you like the idea of receiving visual kei boxes every two months. 

I was very excited to collaborate with J Rock Vault and spread the word about another new visual kei thing with all of you. I kinda wish I had more free time to do a Kaya inspired make up together with this post, unfortunately this month has been hell of a work for me so maybe next time! ^^

Overall I really loved this idea and the fact that they payed a lot of attention to details & I'm definitely keeping the box since the design is so lovely. I hope you all enjoyed and 'till next read!

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