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Hey there!

I'm here with an outfit post and to introduce you to a nice little gamer related clothing store. It's called 8BITCORE and has some dope designs. The Ringu boy design is what caught my attention first and made me check them out. The above mentioned design is the T-shirt I am wearing in this post. A gameboy classic with some horror, right in the kokoro for me. I ain't gonna lie, the brand name is extra catchy since I love 8-bit stuff so it's a win for me. You can visit their page for more, I had a tough time on my own on deciding which one I liked most, so good luck fellow gamers. Make sure to follow them too since pretty soon their 4th wave of designs comes out. 

As for the theme of this photo shoot I wanted to clash a few things I like: games, skates and fashion. Hence an outfit post with my either genius or very bad pun name Sk8-bitcore. Thanks to that now I can't get the DRAMAtical Murder re:connect 8-bit soundtrack out of my head. Get it stuck in your heads if you want too here: DMMDre.

Your animu fashion iconu- never gonna be your waifu has something to tell you: Don't go skating with accessories like glasses. I mean it's common knowledge but kids these days need to be reminded. Speaking of kids, I hope the kids that were patiently waiting for me to finish my shoot at the skate park have a nice day. They were all nice enough not to interrupt until onee-san went away haha.

What does it mean to be an anime slav? Squatting with everything. But worry not I am not an american spy, I come from the true slav countries, I just couldn't do much with a skirt on. I also am not sorry for being a living meme.

I had lot's of fun during this shoot, and made too many photos, so I can't share all of them here and overkill the post with photos, so I chose some of my faves. Game-wise, I had in mind for quite a while to start making game posts so this will be breaking the ice. Knowing my friends and readers it will start with otome games, you all love some good old harem and BL stuff. So keep track for that!
'Till then!

8bitcore website
8bitcore instagram

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