Eyes on you

by - 4/14/2018


Hello everyone, I was extremely lucky to grab some sun and make an outfit post these days. The day these photos were take was so perfect and sunny, it was enjoyable and there was no need for a jacket. Aaaand it lasted for just one day, the day after it it started getting colder and colder, and today is even pouring. But I got to wear and take photos of this lovely piece Monster Party sent me which is by Listen Flavor. I loved it the second I saw it, because well it's a pierced shirt with a mean cat on it.

I've always loved the Listen Flavor designs so modeling them makes me happy. This T-shirt is an oversized one but you can wear it in any way you want to. On the next photos you can see the "piercings" I was talking about. I don't know why, I've always loved shirts and clothes that have pierced stuff through it. When I was a teen I used to put safety pins on all of my clothes, and most of my jeans were decorated that way. Maybe I should decorate my face with a few piercings too.

I wore piercing blue lenses with a flower pattern to match the kitty on my shirt, however they looked more black and blended with my green eyes. On another note my hair is getting longer and long enough for a tiny ponytail, so theres that. You all know what that means, Sailor Moon buns all the time! 

As we were taking these photos and time passed, the sun was getting more in the way so eventually we had to stop and end it, cuz yo girl can't even see from the brightness.

I like to call this next photo "Нога ли е, дрога ли е?", and no I'm not going to try to translate it in English, some phrases are only meant to be used it that one exact language. It sounds plain stupid both in English and German, so let's leave this joke to the Macedonians. 

That leaves us to the end of my outfit post & I hope the next one happens sooner. I'm looking at you weather. >.> Hope you all have a nice day! Until next time~ 

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt: Listen Flavor
Choker: Stradivarius
Shorts: H&M
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Vans

Make up: Kat Von D Beauty, NYX, Ritual Cosmetics, Essence, Momoko Lens

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