An Cafe Chibis

by - 4/20/2018

Hello, Hello! As I announced as the Visual Kei whisperer, there will be a post about the most voted band on J-Rock Chibis poll, and that band issss.. An Cafe! Probably the first visual kei band my friends back in the days showed to me. I didn't get too much into them, but I really used to like Bou. As someone who didn't know visual kei 10 years ago, I was amazed by the fact he is a guy. And now it's just a regular thing for me. Back to the subject, J-Rock Chibis always have something new and evolved every time I make a new photo shoot for them. This time they have pillows too! Cute fluffy pillows with your fave member/s on them. Great for hugging and sleeping on, the design and print is top quality. Along with it I got 2 acrylic key chains, a new badge design, phonecase and a dust plug. Tthose following me for a while know I almost always use them for other purposes, like accessories for my clothes, but some of them I do use them properly. I thought it would be a perfect fit to include this lovely hoodie Monster Party sent me which is originally by Listen Flavor. So scroll down and check out the photos and find out where to find the items to buy!

Firstly this pillow is my new fave now, I'm very picky about pillows so I was surprised I could sleep on it comfortably. The inside is filled enough for it to be fluffy and firm at the same time. 

Moving on to the phone case and dust plug. the design fills the whole case beautifully and the dust plug has a little bear attached to it. Another thing about these An Cafe chibis is they are all drawn together with a cute little bunny. It makes me smile everytime I look at the happy bunny. You can see on the pillow photo it is playing the lollipop, a very serious instrument. (*≧∀≦*)

Next on the badge and keychains. I just really adore the acrylic ones a lot. One things for the next photo, thick thighs save lives. You're all welcome. 

Now that you've seen the close ups, you can see why I love all the J-Rock Chibis merch so much. Everything is high quality and affordable, AND you can always commission your favorite bands if they are not already on the site. 

Pusheen and Eevee are creepin' in the photos too, so I let them be. I also wanted to do something more theatrical with the outfit to match An Cafe but decided on something that is also wearable for me, I prefer it that way. Btw I remember writing in my last post that maybe I should get a piercing, so I got two at once hehe. 

And it's almost always impossible for the make up to stand out too much in the outfit posts, but I had a cute donut and a muffin under my eyes. ≧ω≦

And there's me trying some snacks from the Bokksu Sakura edition, let me know if you want me to review it too.

The end came but not the fun. If you liked some of the items or are interested in visual kei chibis, go straight to J-Rock Chibis and enjoy yourselves. I sure did while doing this shoot, maybe too much because I almost choked on a Sakura cookie.

 So as always your Visual Kei whisperer is always here to inform you of new cute VK things! Stay tuned and follow me on my other accounts, cuz I got something new cooking, I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. ;) 'Till then~

Outfit rundown:
Hoodie: Listen Flavor
Headband: H&M
Choker/Garter: Stradivarius
Socks: Olymp&Hades
Shoes: Killstar

Make up: Kat Von D, Aura, Nyx, Essence, Pinkyparadise

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