The Vintage Cosmetic Company 🌸Review🌸

by - 3/01/2018

Hello lovelies~

Recently I discovered a lovely vintage themed brand and would like to share my little haul with you. I get many questions about my skincare and beauty routine, so some of these products will help in showing you what tools I use. 
I bought everything at a local store and wish they had more products, but most were sold out or stuff I already have, but I got my hands on some amazing products I really needed for my everyday life.

The first thing that caught my eye was the cute packaging and vintage illustrations, so I had to check it out. The brand is called The Vintage Cosmetic Company and is UK based. 

First thing is the pink mesh Shower cap, which has a polka dot print on the inside. My hair doesn't get greasy very fast, so I always struggled trying not to wet it while showering, as funny as it sounds it's true. The cap is completely waterproof, even if you stand under water with it, trust me I tested it haha.
Second item is the face Buff and Cleanse brush. The rubber side is for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, the brush side has very soft bristles. I have sensitive skin and this is very soft to my face, so you don't have to worry.

Next is something I desperately need if I want to get sleep at all. It's this Gel Bead Eye mask, you can make it warm or cold, all to your own likings. My old gel mask literally evaporated, that's why I'm so happy I found this one. The inside is soft and gentle on the eyes, and the strap is re-adjustable with velcro. The cute little bow next to the mask is the Dolly Bow Make up Headband. I've been wanting to get one of these ever since I saw the Etude House one with kitty ears, but instead I found this cute polka dotted one. I'm even wearing it on right now, does a good job of keeping my hair out of my face, whether it is for doing make up or my normal skincare routine. 

And lastly we move on to the few make up tools I got. The first thing that I saw were the lashes anyway, so thanks to them I found everything else. I got 2 pairs in the styles Kitty and Nancy.  I came back to get another pair but unfortunately they were sold out. The last thing is the blending sponge in violet, which is latex free and infused with Vitamin E. 

I am extremely happy with all the products & can't get myself to throw away the packaging because it's too cute. But so far I'm using everything almost on a daily basis, and I might make a Vintage-y Pin Up look with these lovely lashes soon.
I hope you all enjoyed this post~~

*I am not sponsored in any way by the brand & this is my personal opinion. 

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