by - 3/30/2018


Welcome to a not so spring-ish outfit post, since spring here is acting like autumn. The weather is so moody I can't stay healthy because of it, hence the lack of outfit posts. And damn do I have some nice new stuff to show you, but you'll see all of it soon enough. If the weather decides to stop snowing when the trees are supposed to be blooming but we're gonna make it work. I'm posting this as my last March post because I want some nice Sakura themed stuff for April, yet I might ask too much from the weather having in mind I live in Northern Germany.

As moody as the weather is, so is the quote on my blouse. "I want you to go away, but I want you to stay." to that I say: Same. Mood swings- bring it on, twinsies with the weather. No but jokes aside, give me a break, I forgot the joy of normal breathing. Immune system game, pretty weak. 

Nobody cares about that stuff, so here's me Daddy Long Legs. You might have noticed me bullshiting through this whole post, that's how fed up I am with winter this year, that's the same way I tried to survive it. I like cold, but it's dark and I cannot do my normal outfit posts or anything nice because of lack of light, so I'm pretty happy it's getting lighter these days. So I can create more content, even tho the majority enjoys me talking whatever here.

The most important part is the outfit anyway, riiight. At least I don't brain wash you with fake ads and sponsored brands. It's well known here on my blog I only collaborate with brands I'm interested in, and I'm 100% sure they have high quality stuff. I really wouldn't want to spend time writing about something I would never wear or use.

Well then, I hope you liked this one, more will come soon. I try to focus on quality stuff instead of quantity and just spamming with just anything. Till next time!

Outfit rundown:
Hat: Ace x H&M
Choker: Hellcatpunks
Blouse: Monster Party 
Bomber jacket: New Yorker
Belt: MRC
Leg garter: Stradivarius 
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Killstar 

Make up: BH Cosmetics, NYX, Kat Von D Beauty, Essence, Tonymoly

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