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by - 2/12/2018


It's that time of the month for the new amazing Mask Time box to be revealed! This is the regular monthly version, the January Fresh box. This months box focuses on hydration and revitalising our skin with a little boost of vitamins and moisture. Time for the dull skin to start shining again!
Let me show you how the box looks, this time it's minty green, to represent that freshness.

As last time it's carefully packaged and sealed with a cute sticker, you all know I love the efforts put into cute details, it makes everything better. When you open it, you see the new cute pamphlet with all the information about all the masks included, two little leaflets, and two extra samples.

The first things that caught my eye are of course the character masks which I was looking forward to use. In the upper photo you can see all the products included in the box, minus the samples. I forgot to put them in the photo, I was too excited and distracted by my new box. Just like last time, every mask is handpicked to fit this month's Fresh theme. You can see every mask individually better in the photos down below that I tried put by color order.

One of the leaflets had a Korean word of the month, that way you can also learn a new Korean word every month with an example how to use it in a sentence. This month's word was: 엽쁜 (Beautiful). 

Check the list down bellow for all the mask names/brands and my review on them.

The Face Shop Real Nature Kelp Mask 
This is purifying & soothing mask and there's nothing more I love about masks but when they leave my skin feeling fresh and cleansed. It has an extract of  Laminara Japonica, which is a type of edible Kelp/Seaweed. (I love eating seaweed lol) It benefits the skin by eliminating impurities and give you hydration, which is all my skin needs this winter.

* SNP Fresh Vita C Jelly Mask
At first look this was a brand I first heard of, but when I checked google for it, I realized I see masks from this brand often in stores here, but so far never tried it. I'm glad it was included now. Especially because of the fact it's a jelly mask. Jelly masks are extra fun. Just like every other Vitamin C mask, this one revitalizes dull skin and you can use it for brightening, or to help you prevent sun damage.

Leaders Insolution Aquablend Oil Pocket Mask
Last time I tried a Leaders mask for the first time and it was one of my faves. This one is with Italian white truffle oil that contains five other key ingredients to nourish your skin. I am always afraid of trying new oil masks, because it is somehow engraved in my head they will break me out. But that isn't the case, oil masks only help with nourishing and are quite richer that normal ones. This mask has instructions on how to prepare and use in the pamphlet since it's not a regular one. 

Youth Over Flower Iceland Aqua Pass Mask
Yet another brand I first hear off. The name reminds me of Boys over Flowers. I gotta admit looking at this mask, it looks very promising. It's targeted for dry skin that needs to be freshened up. It has Icelandic glacier water to balance the moisture and oil levels within your skin and add the needed nourishment. I really can't wait to try this one now. *I always update on my instagram when I've used a mask which wasn't used while I was doing the review on my blog.

Tonymoly Tako Pore One Shot Nose Pack
Ah yes, the Tonymoly Tako series! I wanted to try the products ever since they came out as a collaboration with MXM's Youngmin and Donghyun. I don't even need to explain the packaging reason. So the whole collection was focused on black heads, and this nose pack was one of them. Lately I've been getting annoyed by blackheads so this came in the perfect time. Have in mind this is not a regular nose pack, it stretches out across your face and forehead too, basically all the places which are usually problematic with blackheads. And yes it hurts like hell since it's very strong.

* BOH Air Jet Daily Mask - Hyaluronic Acid
I do not know of BOH but Hyaluronic Acid, hell yes. It works best with my skin and I've never had a problem with any HA mask before, so it's one of my holy grail ingredients. This one is a very thin 0.2mm mask. It sticks well to the face and doesn't slip or move around. 

Verite Real Power Cool Down Mask
I always love cooling masks, even if they don't do too much for your skin they do help with relieving stressed skin and soothing it. If your skin had too much, go for this, you can't go wrong with it. It has a cooling sensation.

* Mediheal Stress Zero Solution Soothing Care Mask
This was the first mask I took out and used. Zero Stress is what I needed that day indeed. This mask helps with reducing irritation and maintains sebum. It contained tea tree extract that helps blemish prone skin like mine a lot. The Centella extract helps with circulation and producing collagen. This one left my skin shining.

*Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask - Rice
The Cell Sheet Mask collection by Missha is something I see here everyday and grab and buy random ones when I run out of masks. This specific one is with Rice ferment which helps with hydration and deeply mositurizing it, leaving it soft afterwards. 

*Etude House Black Hydrogel Eye Patch
Another one of my favorite cat series, this time an eye patch. My eyes get puffy and tired often so I'm always in need of eye patches. The Black Hydrogel anti-wrinkle mask helps whitening dark eyes and nourish tired skin + you will look like a cute kitten for a while.

*Etude House Honey Jelly Lips Patch
This winter was my first time of using up a whole chapstick since we all know cracked lips are painful. The jelly lip patch is infused with propolis to nourish and deeply moisturise dry chapped skin. It will leave you with plump kissy lips. Chuu~

*It's Skin Boarding Pass Kit
There is a special bonus item in this box and it is this kit. It was my boyfriends fave packaging because it is like a boarding ticket. It's separated in three parts, a cleansing tissue, toner sheet and a moisture cream. If you're on the go this is a pocket sized item and you can fit it in any make up bag. When you're short on time but don't want to forget to hydrate your skin, this item is perfect for it.


Those were all the contents in this month's Mask Time box, a total of 12 masks that ship out very fast to your door. Don't forget to check out Mask Time's and my social media for sneak peaks and giveaways. I enjoyed this box as much as the last one!
*All opinions on this box are my own.

For any questions or suggestions, ask away! I hope you enjoyed this post, see you all in the next!

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