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by - 1/10/2018

Hello lovely readers 🎔

It is a new year & I wanted my first post to be something special, different from my usual outfit posts, something as important in my life. That is skincare, and those who follow me know how much I love sheet masks. Maybe a bit too much, but there is no such thing as that. Let me introduce you to Mask Time, a korean sheet mask subscription box full of love! This is the limited holiday edition box which was kindly sent to me by the lovely Mask Time crew who are very kind and responsive to messages. It shipped extremely fast from the UK, I did not expect for it to be so fast and I feel sad I couldn't arrive home faster to review it sooner. But here we are now, let me show you what's inside!
It's carefully packed and sealed with their logo sticker which is a lovely touch, you all know I'm a sucker for nice and cute packaging. It comes with flyers and a pamphlet with information about every mask that is inside the box, explaining the brand, name function and everything. Extra helpful for beginners. 
When you open the box it really is full, plus to my surprise it even had extra samples + a bonus gift!
I saw some items I'm familiar with, some I was looking forward to try and a few new brands, so the box is very versatile. The fact alone it's a box full of sheet masks made me excited, yet when you see that every product is hand picked to fit the winter time now is even better. I will include photos down below showing every product, I tried to put them in order by color.

I will list down every mask with brand and name.

The Face Shop Winter Padding Mask
As I said it is winter and outside is very dry which is bad for the skin, my skin isn't that dry but is affected and I hate when I see my face peeling. This mask helps you moisturize and nourish your skin since it's coated in cream and also has cotton oil extract infused in it. It seemed to be the favorite one from the other bloggers too.

* Etude House Heating Eye Mask
This eye mask is something I have been longing for and when I saw it in the box I was internally screaming. I used to have a tough time falling asleep especially if I didn't cover my eyes, and I always wanted to try this one but never actually got to buying it. Why I wanted it so much is because it has a lavender scent that relaxes you and heats up giving you a warming sensation for 20 minutes which would be enough to calm you down to fall asleep.

* Make P:rem Blending Me Nourishing Oil Mask
I have never tried this brand before, the mask has 10 different oils which will help your skin with a few different things and leave you moisturized and shiny.

16 Brand Hibiscus Tea
I love to drink Hibiscus Tea so this mask lets me give some to my skin too. It calms the skin and cleans it from impurities. And I always love soothing masks even if my skin is in good condition keeping it hydrated never hurts.

* Etude House 0.2mm Pearl Mask
This one is for all the sensitive skin people like myself. Pearl masks has never failed me before and neither has this Etude House one. Helps with brightening the skin, removing the redness and has an anti-aging effect. I leaves your face very glowy afterwards.

* Acwell Rice Brightening Daanji Mask
Another lovely brightening mask with a creamy essence from fermented rice. Helps to smooth your skin out and clear all the dead skin cells.

* The Face Shop Real Nature Red Ginseng Mask
Ah I love me a good Ginseng mask! I have already tried this one before and I must say even tho Ginseng might have a strong smell it will leave your skin feeling amazing afterwards. It contains element that help producing collagen that keeps the skins elasticity.

* Merbliss Nurse Healing Mask
Wind, frostbites and even the heating makes our skin so dry as we usually expose it to drastically changed temperatures so this mask is here to the rescue and it's even suitable for acne prone skin. It contains pearl powder and caviar to give you the needed moisture and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

* Repiel Timeless Line-Shot Bio Mask
This is the injection looking mask that you probably wondered is it even a sheet mask. The answer is, yes it is. The sheet is inside this fun packaging. It is a bio cellulose mask which helps with skin firming, smoothing and revitalising exhausted skin cells.

* Leaders Insolution Aloe Vera Skin Renewal Mask
Aloe Vera is my holy grail and this is the first mask I opened from this box! I spent a whole day traveling and changing from plane to bus to ferry so I felt my skin was pretty sick of all that and this helped soothing it a lot. It had a tingling sensation so to people that panic with masks, no it does not burn your skin! If your skin is acne prone this will help a lot with reducing the inflammation.

* Verite Very Good Morning & Very Good Night Mask
I still have not tried this 2 pack mask but I'm looking forward to it because the white Morning mask is infused with AHAs that help remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. The black Night mask contains bamboo charcoal which absorbs toxins and dirt + yellow flower that adds elasticity to dry skin. So make sure to follow my instagram for updates!

* Entia No Filter Brightening Camera Mask
Speaking of instagram, this mask reminds me a bit of the logo and I've seen it a lot of times before so I can't wait to try it! It has a vitamin C ampoule that you can pat on areas that you want to brighten and then add the sheet mask on. Vitamin C will help you with restoring dull skin.

* A'pieu Coffee Lip Scrub~ Mochalipccino
This is the very pleasant extra gift! I needed a new lip scrub and I love that it is in a lipstick type packaging, I prefer applying it that way instead of digging in a bottle. The name is very self explanatory, it has a nice coffee aroma and will scrub of the dead skin from yous lips. So far I'm loving it, it kept my lips soft.

Soo that was all , in my opinion the best korean sheet mask box I've tried! It contained 12 masks while other boxes have 6 max for the same price. I must mention the shipping again, if you live within Europe you will get your box fast. It is definitely worth the price so if you would like to try it you can get your January box until the 24th. You can follow Mask Time on facebook and instagram for little sneak peaks of what's inside future boxes or giveaways! 
*All opinions on this box review are my own.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or my social media, I'd be happy to answer. Make sure to follow me for more updates too! You can give me ideas or what you'd like to see more.
I hope you enjoyed & see you all in the next post! 

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  1. Oh that Entia mask - it's phenomenal!! One tip - use it in the evening, since it's Vita C based ;)
    Good to see a nice subscription box, I've kinda ran out of steam on them, constant disappointments :(

    Visit Me >> YourSeoulKey.com

    1. I know the feel, I've also been disappointed with other boxes especially since many just have samples with high prices.
      Thanks for the tip! ^^