Emily The Strange

by - 1/25/2018

Hell O!

As you can see by the tittle, this is going to be an outfit post featuring the well known Emily The Strange. Emily was my idol when I was a pre-teen and I used to save every page from the magazines I read that included her. At the time it was not almost, but impossible for me to own anything by that brand. As I was 12/13, online shopping wasn't really a thing and my motherland had no PayPal. So all I could do was stare at the magazines and wish I could one day be able to buy myself something with Emily on it. Well fast forward to 10ish years later, here I am, actually modeling for it! Emily The Strange Japan has a 25th anniversary and made a special collaboration with Listen Flavor, and thanks to Monster Party I was provided to model this pieces. So sit back and let's go back to the past. You know what they say, once you go emo you never go back haha. I turned myself into the ultimate form that I would have loved when I was 13. All black with a little hints of red, hell yeah those were the times. I wore mary-janes on purpose for the outfits because all I wanted back then was to own a pair, but again, they were no where to be found in my country.

All serious, no smiles, and what are we missing? That's right a smeared black eyeliner, a pencil to be precise. Liquid eyeliner didn't exist in my world, raccoon eyes were the trend. It would be as accurate as possible if I had long bangs to cover half of my face and block my eye vision, but I already cut the wig to match Emily's hair. But if you are wondering how I looked, just imagine a ginger with the typical emo hairdo with 2 neon pink strands in the front. I got away with them for a while until a teacher complained to my parents. Cause we all know, if you had colored hair back then, it was the reason for having one bad grade. Good old times.

There's not a better way to end this kind of post, but with a striking cool "I'm not impressed" pose. That's right, you read my hoodie right, Get Lost.

Alright, that was a nice trip to memory lane, I hope you enjoyed my little share of it. I'm going to leave you with a question, who was your childhood hero?

See you all in the next post, or you know, whatever. ~

Outfit rundown:
Shirt/Hoodie: ListenFlavor x Emily The Strange
Leggings: Punkrave
Shoes: Demonia
Horns: Kreepsville666
Make up: whatever you could find in your mom's closet ;)

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