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Today's post is going to be about my OC Glitter. She is a vocaloid that is extremely passionate about gaming. Visual novels are kind of her obsession atm. Glitter, pixels, creepy cute, menhera can describe her. She is a kawaii mess out of many things. I won't share my art of her in this post, only the make up I did on myself.  I did her make up inspired by artist Takashashi Hiroyukimitsume. Their art is amazing and it fits her cyberpop character. 
You might wonder why I chose not to make this post with professional photos but selfies. It is because Glitter loves the selfie culture, especially to decorate her photos with stickers! If the term "selfie culture" is weird or new to you, NHK Kawaii had an episode about this. I bet you don't care about that too much and can't wait to meet her. So here I present to you Miss 2kawaii4u.

Bomb babe indeed, isn't she now? I gotta say she loves her Aoba-chan a bit too much but I can't blame her. 

How dare he say that! Otome boys are Glitters fave though. 

Matching puffy jacket with Aoba + being cray like Junko.

Creating Glitter was very fun since she is a positive character, plus playing around with her make up is going to be even more fun in the future because she is very versatile. I will list down all of the products I used for this look below the video.

Make up: 
Face: Etude House Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream + AURA Geisha Translucent powder
Lenses: Pink-Klenspop, Gray-Pinky Paradise
Lashes: AURA Dolly
Eyebrows: Medusa's Make up Red Baron eye dust
Eyes: Sugapill Dollipop pressed eyeshadow + Inked doll cosmetics Dollust dust Purple Diversion
Eyeliner: NYX Epic Ink liner in black + white liquid liner
Blush: The Face Shop  Hydro Cushion blush Pink
Lips: Lunaticks Cosmetic Labs  RPG lipstick + pink pigment and glitter on top
Stickers: Kawaiibox

If you liked Glitter, there will be more of her to come!~~~

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