Meiko Shiraki

by - 11/24/2017

Hello lovely people!~
I believe I've never posted a proper cosplay photo shoot on my blog before, so better late than never. I want to share my little Prison School project when I cosplayed my favorite badass Meiko Shiraki. I got my hands on the photos not a while ago, because I lost them the first time we did the photo shoot when I was switching laptops. These photos would be my first time working in photoshop too, and keep in mind I had 0 knowledge in it, but for a start I think I did good.
To my followers that don't know I cosplay too, this is the second time I cosplay a female character because I usually have a tendency to cosplay men. Especially the Final Fantasy ones.
I fell in love with Meikos character the second I saw her, she reminded me of myself, and at the time I also had the same hair color and cut. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and cosplay this babe. As you all know she has some pretty outerworldly body proportions that a real human cannot achieve, and the first time I posted a photo of her I got some mixed comments, some said I'm the best Meiko, other said I'm too skinny to cosplay her. My reply to that is Meiko is skinny, she just has some bomb huge ass boobs, deal with it. Also cosplay is about fun, feeling comfortable in the character you are in, as we all try to portray them as perfectly and close as possible. Enough of my preaching I know you all prefer the visuals. Enjoy the photos and tell me your opinions, and if you still haven't seen Prison school or read the manga I encourage you to do so. To keep things short the anime is funny, you'd love it.

I'm aware that many people don't see and think further than appearance and think Meiko is some over fetishized dominatrix, and maybe she is, but she also deeply cares about the 2 along her side and is loyal to the core and would do anything to protect them. That was one of the key parts that made me want to cosplay her. 
Bonus: I did a closet cosplay of her 2 years ago, the school uniform version.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will upload my new cosplays on here from now on too. If you have suggestions for a character feel free to tell me in the comments down. See you all in the next post!

We did the costumes ourselves, the cosplayers alongside me:
Hana Midorikawa: Elnias Cosplay
Mari Kurihara: Mila V.
Photos: P.S. Photography
Edits by me: Visual Madness

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