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by - 11/08/2017

*superhero landing*

Hello, who's ready to fight crime with me? Just kidding! 
Does anyone remember my first post on this blog? It was an outfit post for the "Dolly Kawaii" contest by Kawaii International. Well this year I'm going to enter again with this current outfit since this year's theme is "My personal Kawaii style". 
I wanted to make a statement as the title says, Creepy is also cute. Darker clothing and edgier accessories are also cute and the darker styles are a part of the kawaii culture too. I took inspiration from NANA and Sailor Moon to blend a nice mix of edgy/punk and cute.
The clothes and bold accessories are of course inspired by Nana Osaki which I admire and my himekaji haircut and dolly make up is inspired by Usagi. 
I made the photo shoot in a skate park because I love skating and it fitted pretty well.
Oh and another thing you probably noticed, I changed my hair color again. I decided to go back to my natural hair which is ginger, because bleaching is too much of a hassle. If I didn't have thick and heavy hair it wasn't gonna be a huge problem, but this way it's just torture, so I'm going to be good to my hair from now on.
Plus I want to have Sailor Moon buns and I need longer hair for that! ^_^
Back to the outfit, my main color was black with hints of red and as a pattern I used the leopard print to add a bit of texture. Suzuya and his quinque was just a little bonus to add more cuteness.
I remember this day was extremely hot, but my shoulder was badly hurt so I had to keep my coat on. Totally worth it tho, I love how majestic the leopard print looks on me.
And we are all about the living doll look aren't we?

You can see my entry on Kawaii.i here: Visual M.  
You can like the photo and cast a vote that way, the preselection starts on 20th November. Thank you in advance to anyone that takes their time and votes for me. It would make me really happy if I did become a Kawaii Leader. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Pinky Paradise
Bows: Kreepsville666
Choker: Hellcatpunks
Shirt/Dress: Tally Weijl
Skirt: Hellcatpunks
Coat: Zara
Socks: H&M
Boots: Dr.Martens
Suzuya badge: CDJapan

Make up:
Lashes: KawaiiCosmetics
Eyeshadow: HolikaHolika
Eyeliner: NYX
Lips: Tonymoly

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