by - 8/20/2017

Hello, hello! Long time no see.~~~

I took a little break from blogging, as I wanted to post only quality and things that I love and represent me. But here I am with a new outfit post + new ideas for future posts. Sooo I was eyeing a few brands for some time and finally got the goods. This time I'll just show you 2 of my favorite Korean brands, which are More Than Dope & Open The Door.
Lately I've been enjoying comfy clothes and the weather here is perfect for me not to dye from the heat. So I can comfortably wear crop tops and just have an extra jacket if it decides to rain, because it rains all the time here in Rostock.
Oh and these slip on sandals make me feel fancy, FANXY CHILD if ya would.

It feels weird writing this blog post now after I haven't posted for quite some time and I feel a bit rusty about it. Buut I actually don't have internet in my apartment, I know; tragic, so I kinda didn't want to force myself posting something just to post. I'm always active on instagram though. So you can always keep up with me there.
My Sailor Moon hair is on it's way to full glory. I'm having a little dilemma if I should redye it blue or go back to my natural ginger one. We'll see.

So far these past 2 months have been my own little paradise, overtreating myself that's why I let my hair go, just to fix it later because I want it healthy. I actually don't mind the roots too much, they look dope on me anyway.
Speaking of paradise, another song recommendation from me: PARADISE.
Until next time!~
Photos: Ewa Russ

Outfit rundown:
Top/Pants: More than dope
Hat: Open the door
Jacket: Forever21
Slip ons: Adidas
Makeup: Tonymoly, HolikaHolika

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