365 Fresh

by - 5/17/2017

Hello everyone~
As the title says, I feel this outfit post is gonna be F R E S H. It's something I wanted to try out for some time. But before I get into the outfit enjoy this song that kinda inspired me to dye my hair and try out different things: 365 FRESH.
I was thinking of going back to my natural hair color, which is ginger, because I really liked Hyuna's hair, but I can always go back to that easily, so I jokingly dyed it purple thinking it will wash out right away as always. Guess what, this time it didn't and came out as a dark purple which looks pretty awesome so I'm fine with it.
 Oh, and you probably wonder about this yellow T-shirt. Well, I haven't worn yellow for about 10 years. I'm naturally very pale and if I wore only yellow I looked sick so I avoided this color. But lately I've been digging over sized clothes a lot so I wanted to coordinate an outfit with this particular shirt.

 I may not be wearing a tracksuit now but ayyy, Squatting Slav™. 

This artsy place is pretty cool for photos and I'm glad I took them here, for those who can't read the cyrillic "Не ја врамувајте уметноста" on the Mona Lisa graffiti, it means "Don't frame the art". Edgy. Just like my poses.

 Also something that assured me this outfit is kickass at least to me, is that my mom and brother hated it because of this shirt haha. You all know that ain't stopping me.
 The yellow reminded me of Block B so I had to throw in another detail, Zico's sweatband I got in my Very Good Japanese album. And Rilakkuma bandages because I'm actually 3, it's a lie that I'm 23.
 Too bad you can't see the Dope on my nails right, but it's alright. That with the 1 earring is inspired by someone I follow on IG that has the dopest style ever. He owns a brand named More than dope.
 Oh and blame my vans obsession on Giriboy. Here's a song you can enjoy: I'M IN TROUBLE.

Photos by: P.S. photography
See you all in the next post!~

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt: Lacoste
Overalls: Terranova
Shoes: Vans
Glasses: Aliexpress
Sweatband: BlockB official merch
Makeup: HolikaHolika, Essence

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