by - 4/06/2017


Hello everyone~
Long time no post. Today at my university we had an open day for high school pupils and I was helping out my professor with the Korean language department. We couldn't get traditional hanbok for this day so we were normally dressed. But out of nowhere the Japanese professor came and asked us if someone wants to wear a yukata and my friends automatically recommended me. So there I am switching to help the Japanese professor too. She was really nice and helped me get dressed in the yukata as it was my first time wearing one. The traditional Japanese yukata compared to the Korean hanbok is harder to get into, especially if you are doing it alone. It had so many nice details, I really loved wearing it.
I loved every single detail of it and the way it's supposed to be wrapped on you. The geta (traditional footwear) were a bit small for me, but they were really cute.

The Obi itself was very pretty, it even had it's own accessories.
Sensei gave me a very pretty hair piece, I tried to work it out somehow even tho I have short hair. She told me it was from a famous Japanese shop for elegant accessories. It kinda got lost in my hair on the photo but you can still see it.^-^
I really enjoyed wearing a yukata today and was glad I could help both the Japanese and Korean professors at my Uni with the stands. I'm really grateful that Yukari-sensei helped me with wearing the yukata too. Big thanks to 강 선생님 and ゆかり-せんせい for making my day beautiful along with the friends that accompanied me all day.
I hope you all liked this post and if you have an opportunity to wear a kimono, go for it! ~
See you all in the next post, have a nice weekend!~~

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