The Gazette Chibis

by - 4/16/2017


Hey everyone!
I remember the last few times I had posts about J-rock Chibis everyone loved them, so this is gonna be another one. But this time the featured band is The Gazette. I know most people will know this band whether they are associated with visual kei or not. A chibi and cute version of them won't hurt, right? Not much.. because cuteness overload!
J-rock Chibis sent me quite a few items, their renewed phone cases + acrylic key chains are my absolute faves atm.
I made a little photo set in my natural habitat or my little own space. So the keys would represent me trying to lock myself away from everything, my phone to keep me entertained & Pepero because I love sweets.
The day I had this photo shoot I was pretty upset + sick and did it after college hence me looking so sorrowful. But I like it anyway, it does represent how I am most of the time lately.
Before I derail from the subject of this post let me show you the guitar pick choker and acrylic necklace. You can choose a member of your choice for any of those. The acrylic necklace has a tiny little bell attached which I love. ^-^ You can use it to ring and annoy someone to death, but please don't. Or do. But hey, it wasn't my idea!
Also here's two Gazette song recommendations from me: The Suicide Circus & Inside Beast.
Let me get myself outta the way so you can see the majestic case, dust plug and key chains.
And your fave style icon in her comfiest outfit. I make myself cringe really hard, but someone gotta take one for the team, aight!
Let's end the photo spam with "I'm too cool so I'll just keep eating pepero" pose.
Before I say goodbye, I hope you check out J-Rock Chibis for more visual kei chibi merch & get trapped in the vortex there. Oh now look, another Gazette song recommendation: VORTEX.

The Gazette stuff: J-rock Chibis Store
Photos: P.S. Photography

See you all in the next post!

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