by - 4/22/2017

Hello everyone~
Lately the weather here has been going loco, so if you think wearing something cool in the morning is a good idea, it's going to turn into a bad idea pretty soon because you are gonna freeze to death. But it doesn't matter as long as you're satisfied. I like to call this outfit "I've been staning Yugyeom too much", so reward your eyes as well + enjoy the song: Paradise.
His outfit was too simple for me who wants to decorate myself like a christmas tree, therefor I had to throw in a few more details which now remind me of either 아름다워 or 피 땀 눈물 . Feel free to bless your eyes and watch the MVs. They don't look like my outfit but I just like to poison your souls with K-pop.
I'm actually never sure if anyone ever reads my posts because I know the majority just look at the photos, so I might as well talk non-sense, nobody will know. Here's me judging from afar.

I really enjoy comfortable clothes especially if they look good coordinated in an outfit cuz I'm all about them a e s t h e t i c s boi.

I believe everyone enjoys looking at anything that is aesthetically pleasing to their eyes whether it is a person, object or anything that comes to mind. That's why I like to look good, to stare at myself in every mirror or window and call it a day.
In case my post is cancerous I prepared razors for everyone. (I really hope people understand and realize that I'm joking most of the time and it's the way I talk, so if anyone wants to take the things I say by heart, please take a chill pill, no hard feelings.) 
Sooo if anyone actually read this, sorry, at least I gave you nice songs to listen to. ;D

Lovely photos by P.S. photography 

Outfit/Accessories: Stradivarius, Bershka, TUK, Internetz
Makeup: HolikaHolika, Tonymoly, NYX

Until next post humans!!! 

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