All eyez on me

by - 4/30/2017

Hello party people!
I'm back with a new outfit post, the look I had for hosting my last K-hiphop/K-pop party. As many of you know I host K-parties and pretend I'm a DJ in my free time haha. So this time I'll share my look for the day with you all. As the title says eyes were my inspiration for this look.
I really wanted a crop hoodie but couldn't find one so I made my own and I'm pretty happy I cut it up.
As much as people are intimidated to approach me and think I'm a really scary person, on the contrary I'm an entertainer and like to make people happy. I'm guessing my style and resting bitch face gives them a bad impression, so I noticed many are afraid to talk to me. But no worries, scary big sis is nice. Unless you deserve otherwise.
While I'm writing this post Got7's new Japanese song was released and fits this post, so I'll just share it with you here: SWAGGER.
Here's a close up of the details and a reminder, I'm watching you kiddos.
Speaking of songs I just remembered ToppDogg had a song with the same post title: All eyez on me.
I loved this outfit until the end of the night came and my feet were killing me from dancing in demonia boots the whole party, so maybe next time I'll remember to wear something more comfy.

Photos: P.S. photography
Hope you enjoyed my lil post, see you all in the next one!~

Outfit rundown:
Hoodie: Monster Party
Skirt: Liza
Choker: Stradivarius
Accessories: Kreepsvile666
Boots: Demonia
Makeup: Etude House

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