by - 3/23/2017


I have been absent from this blog ever since this year started, and I've been posting rarely. If you wonder why, it's because I want a fresh start with this blog and start posting only stuff I like and enjoy. Being the face of a brand or modelling for one is all fun and games until it becomes a routine and you don't want to do it anymore, like in my case. The reason I made this blog in the first place is to share my style, passions & other things I enjoy, But on my way with it I got lost with the promoting so I had no will to visit or update my blog as I used to. So after this post, my future ones will be pretty much filled with concepts I like. I had a lovely photo shoot recently which I'll share in this post and I hope you'll like it too. I also finally cut my hair short as I always wanted to, it makes me feel so free.

I wanted to go even shorter but my hairdresser suggested me to keep it a bit this way and if I still want it shorter to visit her again, and I'm probably going to cut it again soon.

One thing I'm still not sure is if I should dye it another color because I enjoy this silver/white phase a lot. Change is always good so we'll see how the new beginnings will follow. 
I always believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I almost never listen to other people trying to stop me do new changes or convince me that I look the best the way I am to them. Because at the end of the day I do all of this for myself and I want to be happy when I look in the mirror. I never had any insecurities about my looks and I pretty much love the way I look, I'm just someone that gets bored of the same things easily so I'm always up for experimenting and changing things. I want people to understand that whenever someone wants to change the way they look it doesn't have to be linked with dissatisfaction of how things used to be. So be happy and enjoy your lives fully without regrets.

Photos by P.S. photography
Outfit: Hellcatpunks/ Monster Party/ Punkrave
Makeup: HolikaHolika/ Tonymoly

I hope you all have a nice weekend & see you all in the next post~

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