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by - 3/06/2017


Hello lovelies! ^-^
I finally have a new outfit post for you all. A bit of glam to the simple dress makes it perfect. The moment I saw this leopard faux-fur coat I fell in love. I've always loved leopard print clothing, it looks amazing when it's combined properly.
It's also so fluffy and feels like hugging a cloud.
My kinda awkward poses are a result of a man that was staring at me and my photographer until we were done, he just was so obvious and didn't even care if he made us uncomfortable.
It was a bit windy so my little chibi keychains kept facing the camera the other way haha.
The beret and dress were sent to me by Monster Party so you can get them there.
I really loved this haircolor which isn't this way anymore because after this photoshoot I had to go to the hairdresser and do some modelling for her. They put in purple so the perfect silver is gone. RIP. I'll forever mourn it cuz I was really diggin' the look and color. 
Photos by P.S. Photography
Hope you liked this post~

Outfit rundown:
Beret: Hellcatpunks
Choker: Stradivarius
Dress: Hellcatpunks
Coat: Zara
Pantyhose: Penti
Shoes: Cudo

Face: Tonymoly
Eyeshadow: Holika Holika
Lashes: AURA
Lenses: Lensvillage
Lipstick: NYX

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