by - 2/04/2017


Hello, lovely people~
I'm here with a simple outfit post. It is still very cold outside and pretty muddy so taking photos out is still a no-no. So it's good I can still take the photos in the studio with my photographer. :3
This is just a simple cozy dress I recently bought and I love the color.
I really love how comfortable and warm it is yet it looks classy and and gorgeous.
*Warrior pose on* Yes, ladies you can battle in this dress, just add more armor.
And how it looks from the side.
I hope you liked the photos, there was no need to spam with more^^
What I have next are some reviews & the high fashion photo shoots which probably will be the last of me with silver hair (for a while), because next week I'm going to be a model for my hair dresser so stay tuned to see which color I chose. ;D

Photos: P.S. Photography
Make up: Etude House / AURA

Bye, until next post!~~

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