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Hello lovely people ^-^
Did you miss me? I know I didn't post anything for a month but that's because life's been busy with exams. They are nearly over so I can sit down and write some posts for you all. Today I'll share some photos from an article that was written about me. Telegraf.mk  had an interview with me and wrote a few thing about me spreading the Japanese culture and visual kei scene in my country so if you are interested you can check it here, but it's all in Macedonian just to let you know.
I did this photo shoot on my birthday so that's how I looked on my fancy day.
Guys....there was a chair there...and I just HAD to do the typical vocalist visual kei pose. Sitting fabulously and judging you & sorry idk where I lost the members of my band, but it doesn't matter since I was gonna be the one sitting in the chair anyway haha.

*side glares you*
All these exams made me be forcefully funny...or maybe not. I call this next look hobo-kei.
Ah yeah aside from writing nice things and flattering me that I look like a Japanese rock star they wrote I'm an emo girl because they assumed visual kei and emo are the same because of the hairstyle *cries* But it's okay since people here are way more conservative and don't even know that the visual kei scene exists so I'll overlook it.
Anyway thanks to Telegraf for the photos and interview~
And for the rest of you that patiently waited for me to post new content, thank you for sticking around. I have a little side project from a friend, a few new photo shoots and lots of cosplay for you this year, so you can look forward to that.

P.S. I almost forgot the most important thing, I'm waiting for a special box to arrive because I'm going to hold a giveaway for you my readers ^-^ Stay around for that post so you can enter and win!
I'll work hard on better content this year & see you all in the next post!

Outfit rundown:
Hoodie/Skirt: Monster Party
Shirt: Philip Plein
Boots: Cudo
Choker: Hellcatpunks
Necklace: J-rock Chibis
Lenses: Lensvillage
Make up: AURA

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