Weeaboo Trash

by - 12/13/2016


Today I'm here with a post for a small brand named Happy Monday. If you're into anime, aesthetics or even memes, they have it all on cute clothing. I'm not joking you should go and check them out, whether you're into cute or dark stuff there's something for everyone plus the prices are pretty reasonable.
I got this uber kawaii T-shirt with the plaid skirt so I decided to make a weeb post, it's my time to shine! (๑✧∀✧๑)
Look at the cute shirt, I just can't.
Sumimasen, that isn't the way to sit on an armchair. Lemme sit like a civilized human being and read normally.
Nope, this is better.
My face says "proud weebtrash". But the only trash here is your waifu khm, khm.
Nothing says trash like weeaboo + koreaboo, so here's the famous Rap Monster jacket. It's pretty self explanatory.
Oh and I will make a list bellow all the photos with all the characters I'm wearing or the manga you can spot in these photos.
 And don't take me too seriously with this post calling stuff trash, you know I'm joking.
I also got bored of always taking photos on a white background so I wanted to make something different for a change. ~~~Frame me like your waifus~~~
The lovely photos are by the amazing P.S. Photography. 

Let me list the stuff for you all:
Bandage is Rilakkuma (Sanrio mascot)
Necklace is Anastasia from Idolmaster:Cinderella Girls (game)
Badge is Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder (game)
Keychain is Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa (game)
Green pouch is Alpacasso (Amuse mascot)
Manga is Tokyo Ghoul:re

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Lensvillage
Wig: Wigaholics
Choker: Aliexpress
Necklace: Bandai Namco
T-shirt/Skirt: HappyMonday
Jacket: Qnigirls Korea
Boots: Dr.Martens

Make up:
Face: Tonymoly Pokemon cushion + AURA Geisha translucent powder
Eyebrows + liner: Avon
False eye lashes: AURA Dolly
Eyes: Etude House Pink Skull eyeshadow palette
Lips: Essence creamy lipstick
Makeup pouch: Blippo Kawaii Shop

Hope you liked this post, I tried to mention every detail for you~

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