V系 - Oni (Ganglion)

by - 12/02/2016


Hello! Time for the visual kei post! I'm happy to say other people also try to spread the word for the vk scene in their own ways and I'm always happy to participate. So Visual Ioner started a hashtag #ResurrectVK with the same intention to make our scene lively again. Check their blog for daily Vk news. Moving to the main part of this post which is the look I chose. This time I chose a girl band Ganglion and my favorite member Oni!
I chose a look from their MV which is todays song recommendation too: SAVE YOUR HEART. I hope you'll check out the song, I feel the female bands are underrated yet so talented. I really love her voice, plus I basically look like her on a daily basis so this look was predictable.
I actually have my hair cut exactly like hers, that's how much she reminds me of myself, that it got to the point of me getting the same haircut.
This is basically an everyday look for me minus the gems. I'm twinning with my waifu haha. A funny thing is my most favorite female J-rockers have similar names with me. I call it triple O, Oni (Ganglion) + Omi (Exist Trace) + Oli (me).
The sun was so weird the day I took these photos, it made everything look so yellowish and I hate that. Oh and those gems were actually pink hearts, I just flipped them on the other side.
Excuse the potato quality of the last photo, it was taken with my phone but I liked it a lot so I'm sharing it here too. I also hope you liked this post & that you'll check out Ganglion and other female fronted VK bands too. Keep on supporting the scene I'll be back with more vk make up looks after my exams, don't you think I stopped doing them! I'm just going on a little hiatus like all our fave bands :P

Until next post, stay hardcore!

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