V系 - Laku (Ribelio)

by - 12/30/2016


Hello! Finally I found some time in between exams to make a visual kei inspired look, I missed doing this every week T.T I can't wait to be able to continue uploading once a week again. So today's look is inspired by Laku from Ribelio. Here's his look:

As always I'm sharing a song from the band, so today's choice by Ribelio is AGGRESSION. Hear it out it's a great song. I love his voice. I also have a tendency to choose silver haired members, hence todays look.
My hair is always hard to work with, so don't mind this excuse of a hairdo I tried to do to fit this look. Maybe I'll learn my lesson to stock up on wigs from next year.
I had the exact same lenses he is wearing but in blue. I actually wore them for the first time today and they weren't  the most comfortable ones, I felt stinging in my eyes. It wore off after a while, but then I started feeling it again, so I didn't stay long in this look to take more photos. 
Anyway I loved how this looked irl, would totally rock this look out.

I hope you liked it, don't forget to check out Ribelio too, never forget to support the visual kei artists.

Products used for this look:
Lenses: Coloured Contacts
Face: Etude House Real Powder Cushion
Eye liners: AVON
Lipstick: AURA Dolly

I wish you all an early Happy New Year & see you all with cooler posts in the next one~

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