Klenspop - Bunny 3 Color Violet Lenses- Review

by - 12/10/2016


Long time no review for Klenspop but here we are again with a natural looking pair.  They are called Bunny 3 Color Violet. As all of the packages from Klenspop they arrived safely and very fast! The packaging was also cute~

Power: Plano 0.0
DIA: 14.5
Graphic DIA: 13.3
B.C: 8.6

They were very easy to put in my eye and felt comfortable. I didn;t even feel I was wearing lenses, but I noticed after a while they dried my eyes pretty fast. I'm no sure if that is because of the cold but usually lenses don't dry that fast on my eyes. Here's how they look compared to no lens in the other eye.

They look extremely natural even for being violet, the color blends with my own so they would be perfect for everyday use or natural ulzzang looks. They enlarge the eye just a bit but it isn't very noticeable. I personally prefer unnatural lenses and enlarging ones but as I said for natural looks these are perfect.

I did some ulzzang make up for these lenses & I defined my aegyosal which I naturally have because I never sleep haha.

 All of these photos are taken in natural light, the close up of my eyes are with flashlight indoors.

Make up:
Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream
Tonymoly Cat's Wink Pressed Powder
Etude House Pink Skull eyeshadow palette
The Face Shop blush (it's barely noticeable in the photos tho)
Tonymoly Pokemon lip tint

These lenses are 4.50$ at the moment, so if you like them better get them while the discount lasts.

See you all in the next post~

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