Klenspop Bunny 3 Color Blue Lenses - Review

by - 12/24/2016

I'm here with a review for the Bunny 3 Color Blue Lenses from Klenspop! They arrived together with my other pair from the previous review, pretty fast and safe as always. Here's how they looked:

Power: Plano 0.0
DIA: 14.5
Graphic DIA: 13.3
BC: 8.6

These were very easy to put in the eye, they are also smaller so yo don't have to hassle with putting them in if you are a beginner. They were comfortable and I couldn't feel wearing them so that is a huge plus. Compared to the other pair these pair didn't dry my eyes and I had no problem at all. Here's how they look on my eyes:

They blend in with my natural color well but do not cover the whole eye. I would've preferred if they did make the whole eye blue. Of course Klenspop has other pairs that cover the whole eye, but some people prefer these more natural looking lenses so if this is your jam, these are the perfect pair for you.

I wanted to do a little cos-test for my Prompto cosplay with these lenses so I gave it a go. 
None of the photos are edited, they are all taken in a natural light without flash, so you can see the true color of the lenses.

I'm going to do the other version of Prompto, but I wanted to do the cos-test with these lenses for the review only. Maybe a bluer pair would be better for him too.

The discount for these lenses is still active at their website so they cost only 4.50$, get yours while it lasts~  Here's a funny video I did too: Prompto X BTS ~

See you all in the next post~

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