Holika Holika x Gudetama Review

by - 12/18/2016


Gudee tama tama, guude tama tama~
Hi everyone! Today I'll review a few of the products from the Holika Holika collaboration with Sanrio's mascot Gudetama! I had some items from the first release but more from their second one. I got these from Beautynetkorea and they arrived safe and so fast. They had everything wrapped carefully and sent lots of gifts too.
First up is the Lazy & Easy essence.

Lazy & Easy All in one master
So this product is pretty interesting, it's all in one from toner to essence. It's moisturizing, calming and tones up the skin. It isn't sticky and has a moist finish. My face feels very soft and smooth when I use it. I like the fact it has a pump and you can control how much of the product you spend. The smell is lemony I think, but nothing strong it fades away and you won't smell it on the face. I recommend this to people that are busy or lazy to bother with using a step by step routine. And gosh, look at the packaging, Gudetama is picking his nose haha, that's so cute.

Lazy & Joy Sherbet hand cream
The hand creams come in 3 types, custard, sherbet and cream cheese. I got the sherbet one. It smells like a mix of grapefruits and mandarins so it's pretty refreshing. It's not really my favorite smell for a hand cream however it's good. It does it's job of keeping my hands soft and moist.

Lazy & Joy Cupcake eye shadow palette
I needed a new eye shadow palette with nude colors so I was torn between choosing the Pokemon one or this one, but I ended up with the Gudetama one because it had one color plus. They come in 2 versions, Tiramisu and Red Velvet. The Red Velvet one has a red undertone in the browns so I got the neutral one because I wanted it for everyday looks. The compact is cute and small + comes with a mirror. The colors are nicely pigmented and here's a swatch on my hand.

Lazy & Joy Egg Bun Puff
I've never had a beauty blender before, so I decided my first one to be a Gudetama one haha. It's soooo soft and look at it's silly face! The puff expands when you add water and it's easy to apply. I'm happy with my little egg bun puff.^^

Lazy & Easy Jelly dough blusher
This was the first item I had from the first release and I'm still using it. There are 2 shades, a peachy and pinky one. Mine is the peachy one since it looked more natural and I wasn't a huge fan of blush before, but now I like it since I've been using it almost every day. The blush has a soft texture and is nicely pigmented, that's why you gotta be careful when you apply it so you won't put too much. The puff is very soft too, softer than regular cushion puffs.

Lazy & Easy All Kill Sheet
I also had the 2 step mask, it came with a make up wipe so you can clean up your face and a regular sheet mask. My face felt amazing after that mask, it even eliminated a zit I had on the face that day, it's a very strong mask and might tingle a bit but I loved it. Oh, and it also had a brightening effect, my face was literally glowing afterwards.

I wanted to buy the foam cleanser too but it was sold out. I'm planning to get the lips tints in future too, so if I have another Gude haul I will make a review again. I hope you like this one, I recommend all of the products, everything was of high quality, Holika Holika is a brand I like a lot now.

Oh and I almost forgot, here's how many freebies they sent me including a full size product: the Tonymoly Tony Tint Delight!
Until the next post beauties~

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