by - 12/03/2016


Hellooo~ Today's outfit post is something I'd wear when I was in high school. I was pretty much into the goth subculture back then. So wearing this reminded me of the times I couldn't find proper clothes for me and my style since internet shopping wasn't really a thing. So it was DIY all the way for me, but that's the beauty in it. I still have some of my deathrock & horrorpunk DIY Tees. ^^
I remember I liked corsets a lot, this what I'm wearing now isn't one tho, it's just a underbust blouse that looks like a corset. But I look like a gothic superhero so I'm diggin' the look a lot.
*drama queen intensifies*
The little net on the skirt is a spider web, how cute is that!

A little side view, I love these leggings and boots so much! Even tho they are high they are still comfortable and don't hurt my feet.

And here's a portrait so you can see my make up better. ^^
These lovely photos were done by Stefani of P.S.Photography.

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Klenspop
Brooch: J-Rock Chibis
Necklace: Atomic Lace
Skirt: Monster Party
Leggings: Punkrave
Boots: Awon

Make up: AURA Cosmetics from the "Geisha" collection
Hair by: Studio SAVAGE

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