AURA Cosmetics Geisha - Review

by - 12/09/2016


Hello everyone! I realized I haven't done a beauty haul/review in a long time and I've been stocking up with new make up even more than I need to these past few months. So I decided to do a review on the recently released Geisha collection by AURA. I saw a photo from a blogger friend and fell in love instantly so I had to go to the closest DM store the next day and get some stuff! By some I mean almost everything haha. So here's what I got:
The first thing that caught my eye were the lovely liquid lipsticks. They are thick and apply smoothly on the lips, the applicator is also easy to work with. They come in 2 shades MAIKO and MONONOKE. Mononoke is a strong and bold red color which looks perfect on pale skin. Maiko is a lovely mauve shade and dries a bit darker, so if you're not a fan or red you should try this one since its more neutral.

The next thing were the eye lashes. there were also 2 types, Maiko and Mononoke. Unfortunately I don't have the Maiko ones to show you but they were quite big and theatrical which would be perfect for photoshoots and glam looks. I bought the Mononoke ones since they looked more natural. I love how they look but I found them a bit uncomfortable compared to the Dolly lashes AURA has which are my absolute favorite.
Moving on to the pretty compacts which are the translucent powder and blush.
The second I saw how light the translucent powder is I knew I need to get it, it compliments my fair complexion perfectly. It's perfect for making foundations matte and feels lightweight so I would recommend it to people with fair skin.

Now the blush. I don't even use powder blush, but this looked so pretty and is SO pigmented like you have no idea, I accidentally touched it lightly and my fingers were all pink. I figured I would use it as eyeshadow because why not, the pigmentation is crazy and perfect for that. So A+ for that.
Last but not least is the gel eyeliner. It comes in a pretty package with a liner brush inside. I found it a bit rough but it was very precise. The application took a bit longer but the fact that it stayed all day on me, endured 4 photoshoots under reflector lights and it didn't melt is no joke. It's is also a bold black color and not a faded one like many gel liners tend to be, so it's perfect!

Here's a look using all the products above.

Overall AURA has affordable and high quality make up + it can be found in drugstores on the Balkan. I hope you liked and found this review helpful, see you in the next post!

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