V系 - Toka (Vexent)

by - 11/05/2016


Hello there! It's been a week since I posted something but don't worry I never miss the visual kei posts. So I did this look a few days before the announcement that Toka went missing, so I wanted to wait and see what happens. Then 2 days ago the news came out that he left the band. I'll explain more in the post but let me show you the look I chose.
This was from their newest comeback and I decided to do Toka with a wig and Mako when I cut my hair like his. I really love Vexent and todays song recommendation is 「THE FATES」

Back to Toka, I'll briefly try to explain what happened. He firstly went missing and the other members weren't able to contact him. He had borrowed money from all of them and was in charge of important band stuff and merch. 10 days later he was found with the help of some fans, Vexent announced that everything is okay but that also Toka is departing from the band and stopping all of his music activities. I really hope that Vexent won't disband after this, they did say they will continue without him, but with all of the disbanding lately it makes me wonder. 
This post is like a semi sad one for those who loved Toka but let's just focus on the make up at least.
 I really loved that triangular eye shadow look, it was the main thing that made me do this look. My eyes are also a shape that doesn't work with the "double eyelid' vk trend from all angles, maybe I should buy eyelid tape and try it that way.
I was also pretty happy that I found similar clothes to mimic the ones he is wearing.

And  my typical insta video: 
A video posted by オリ (@visual.madness) on

Products used:
Lenses: Beauty Lens (kpoptown)
Foundation: Etude House Real Powder Cushion
Eyeshadows: NYX
Lipstick: Avon

See you in the next post!

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