by - 11/27/2016


Hello! This Sunday is pretty lazy and I keep procrastinating my work so I might as well upload an outfit post for you all. It's a pretty unisex casual outfit so I guess more of you will like it. Both layered shirt and pants are from Monster Party.
The pants look like a skirt too btw, and have adjustable straps underneath. So as usual it's pretty neat and unique because you can manipulate them to your taste.
I'm not sure if you can notice the tiny holes, but they are for the buttons and you can button the material up and they instantly look like pants even more. I prefer it this way though.
 You probably noticed from my last outfit post how much I love layered clothes, so this shirt & pants are layered by themselves so no need for me to add up.
*just me being cool af* I'm loving the short hairdo.

Here's a close up of my make up, even tho that day I wanted to do a manly look but I had to play with the new make up I bought so this came out.
Let's take a minute and cry for the piercings I lost T.T I don't even know how but now my ear feels naked. orz

The photos are by P.S. Photography , click on the link to check her stuff and give support. :3

Make up: Etude House/ Aura/ NYX
Hair: Studio Savage

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