by - 11/17/2016


Heya! New outfit post is here. With a new hairdo too. ;) I finally cut my hair short like I always wanted to, sooo I'm pretty hyped about it. ^-^ The weather is very cold here and that means layering clothes, yay! I always thought it looked pretty cool and badass, it also looks like an everyday version of visual kei, I'm always up for that.
Everything I'm wearing can be found on Monster Party or Hippies :3

When I didn't have lipstick I looked like a hottie ikemen, ladies watch out haha. ;D
This hoodie is freaking epic, I love skeleton prints especially rib cage ones.
Take a look at the back, the hood has the skull print too.
I got obsessed with a new make up collection by AURA which is called Geisha and I'm wearing one of the lipsticks here, so expect a special post about it soon, when I get my hands on all of the items.

These gorgeous photos are by my lovely Stefani of P.S. Photography.

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Klenspop
Hoodie/Skirt: Monster Party
T-Shirt: Hellcatpunks

Makeup: Etude House/ AURA/ NYX
Hair by Studio SAVAGE.

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