V系 - Rey (Avanchick)

by - 10/20/2016


Hello^^  V系 make up time again! Today's choice is Rey from Avanchick. I always see cute photos of him everywhere and it was just a matter of time when I'll do him and which version I'll choose. So here's the look I chose, I couldn't resist the cute vampire teeth ^^

He is too cute! And all of his visual always look very fabulous and detailed, their newest comeback looks amazing too.  The song recommendation from Avanchick: 他人の不幸は蜜の味

So as usual, I needed to either do something to my hair or to use props, this time vampire teeth. But the hair plan failed so I edited the purple parts. The only reason it failed or better said I couldn't even do it is because I wore old lenses that I'm not supposed to and my eyes were killing me so I rushed to do the photos so I can take them out. So learn from my mistake kidos, don't use expired lenses not even for a photo.
This is also a first time for me needing to make my lips look smaller, but Rey's lips are tiny. The cuteness is real!
I've done a lot of make up looks inspired by Rey for my everyday looks before, and decided on this one for the post plus it includes crosses! You all know by now how much I love cross motifs. :3

Products I've used for this look:
Lenses: Candylens (Vassen Cloud Nine Violet)
Foundation: Etude House Powder Cushion
Eyeshadow/Brows: Medusa's Makeup (Pink pigment) + Inked Barbie Cosmetics (Dollust Dust in Purple Diversion)
Eyeline/Lipstick: Avon

Enjoy my usual insta video and follow me there^^ Until next post~
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