V系 - Meto (Mejibray)

by - 10/27/2016


Anyoo~~ Time for another J-rock cutie! And by cutie I mean someone who either looks the freakiest, creepiest or extremely adorable and sometimes even both at once. Who else if not Meto from Mejibray! I'm pretty sure many of you are familiar with who Mejibray are but for those new to them Meto is their drummer. Here's the look I chose:

It was simple and cute, also a friendly reminder that visual kei isn't limited only to dark looks. Now for the song recommendation, it's hard to choose one when I like everything they do, but for a first let's go with this one by Mejibray: アヴァロン

You know the deal, I still don't have enough fake piercings so I did only the septum. It was pretty interesting when I showed my mother and brother a picture of this look and they asked me who it is. At first I thought they are joking but it turned out they couldn't recognize it's actually me. Weird but I guess I did the job right.
 I'm not a huge fan of drawing on my photos and adding stickers but I tried to imitate his photo so there we go.
I honestly don't remember when was the last time I wore this much color on me haha. And I would have never guessed it would be for visual kei purposes.  
It's pretty obvious I'm going to do the other members looks in future too. I've actually done Tsuzuku 2 years ago but I want to re-make it with a black wig. And this reminded me that last week I lost my MiA key chain, I'm so sad about it. 
Previous Meto look: Me+o

Products I've used for this look:
Lenses: Klenspop
Foundation: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
Powder: Tonymoly Cat's Wink
Upper lashes: Kawaii Cosmetics
Eyeliners/Lipstick: Avon

Until next post, stay weird!

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