V系 - Haru (Xaa Xaa)

by - 10/14/2016


Hello, it's time for the visual kei series post. I've already done Reiya from XaaXaa so this time I'm doing Haru's look. I found a pretty neat look of his and an opportunity to use my white lenses, so I present you Haru of  XaaXaa.

I liked his flower hair band and asymmetrical make up, so good enough to try it out. Here is the song recommendation from XaaXaa: コワイクライ   

I always find it harder to work with my own hair than with a wig, since mines lost the razor cut because I was growing it for a cosplay, but after that I'll chop it in it's visual kei form again. :D Anyway doing the hair right too helps a lot more for the looks to be more complete rather than doing just the make up, but I work with I have.

A few people also kept asking me about the make up I'm using for the looks, so I'll make a list of those at the end too. As much as I remember what I've used hehe.
 I also didn't have honey brown lenses so I just used black this time.

Soo a little hint that I might do Reiya again, since I found another look that was epic, if you missed the old post of him here is the LINK.
So this was one of the softer visual kei looks, but I'll talk about covering eyebrows in another post where I'll have mine covered, this time will be pointless since I just have my natural ones filled brown. 

About the brands of the products I used, here's a little list:
Right lens: Pinky Paradise (Geo white lens)
Left lens: LensVillage (Ace Black lens)
Foundation: Etude House BB Cream 
Eyeshadow/brows: NYX Sex Bomb palette 
Pencil liner/Lipstick: Avon
Mascara: Max Factor

If you are interested in product names/numbers just ask me and I'll check to tell you. I hope you liked this post as well as the others, so see you all in the next one! ~~~

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