V系 - 39 (Killaneth)

by - 10/07/2016


Hello spoopy pplz! It's time for another J-rocker! And this time I chose someone from a band I like a lot: Killaneth! This is one of those bands I'll probably do look from more of the members or do different looks from the same member a few times since I love the visuals. Todays choice is their drummer 39!

Fabulous, right? The moment I saw this photo on his instagram I knew its going automatically on the "to do" list. And as always, a song recommendation by Killaneth: セラフ
I hope you guys check out the songs, they are worth a listen plus the whole point of theis series was to spread the word for the visual kei music scene. ^-^ 

This is another one of those time when I realize I need a lot of piercings and oh well horns too! When I finished the makeup I was wondering whats missing then I had to make the horns last second haha.
I also like to call this look: Visual kei Cloud Strife hehe. I used his wig for this anyway. No bad phone selfies for you this time, I made okay one with my camera, I'll keep the phone ones for instagram :P
I enjoyed this look way too much, I really wanted to go out like this too. :D
I'm pretty sure I will do another of his looks again, plus one of the other members are next too!
Ending the spam with a instagram video as usual.

A video posted by オリ (@visual.madness) on

See you in the next post, and as always leave a suggestion if you have one! ~

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