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Hey everyone! As the title says, this post is going to be all about my love for Pokemon, a cute Poke inspired outfit & a recommended subscription box for all my geeky ghouls and gals out there. I grew up watching Pokemon, collecting various collectibles that were available at the time, I even drew every single Pokemon from the first original 150 ones and stick them on my wall above my desk. So when the hype for Pokemon GO started you bet I was hyped af! I chose team Instinct because I always trust my instinct and didn't regret it, when they revealed the trainers I loved Spark most. Who doesn't love the dabbing memelord?
I had this post in mind for a while and could finally make it when my Poke ball arrived. I thought it would be a lovely detail for the outfit post. My natural hair is ginger and when I was younger I had Misty's haircut and wore my hair like her, so I did the same for this look, unfortunately my hair's dyed gray now. And I don't know why but wearing a hat always reminded me of Ash and Pokemon trainers so hence the hat.
 Let's play a game of spot every Pokemon on this blouse, haha jokes. But not gonna lie I did that and all I gotta say is "so many Pokemon, yet no Skitty". I freaking loved Skitty, I still do.

Can you see the tiny gameboy necklace? It even has a kawaii face on it. I wish I had the time to play games all day like I used to, I've been playing games ever since I know about myself since my parents had me when they were young and I had all kinds of consoles to play with from my dad and uncle which gamed a lot back then too.

Speaking of playing, I play a lot with make up and if you didn't already know Tonymoly released a whole new cosmetic collection which is a collaboration with Pokemon!!! You read that well, it's a whole freaking cosmetic collection with Pokemon, from cushions to lip tints and mask sheets. My wallet is going to cry soon, at least my heart will be happy having Pokemon make up.

 Here's some close up of the make up too, I chose pink and peachy because it reminded me of Skitty.
Now I'm also in a dilemma if I should buy a Nintendo 3DS because I want the Pokemon Moon which initial release date is November 18th, oh what do ya know, my birthday! What a coincidence, or a sign that I should get it! I don't know but what I know for sure is I'm gonna be broke, but my inner child will be screaming from happiness, that's all that matters right?
Started the photo spam with my lil peace pose and ending it with another one. But before I peace out I'll direct you to LootCrate if you want to check out the monthly geeky boxes, the "Loot for Her" looks eye catching for all my fellow gamer gals that like to incorporate their love for nerdy things into their style. Well then I hope you liked this post, even tho it's a bit different from my other outfit ones, this one is a bit more personal, so cheers to all my fellow gamers. Until the next post, chuu~

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Klenspop
Hat/Blouse/Pokeball: Aliexpress
Necklace: Atomic Lace
Skirt: TRN
Pantyhose: Penti
Shoes: Perla

Makeup: Etude House/Tonymoly/ The face shop/ AURA

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  1. Read this as im playing the tcg xD I love pokemon as well my favorite type are ghosts! C: you should buy a 3ds! Moon will be amazing specially with Mimikyu! ^_^ i currently play alpha sapphire, I ccompetitively battle with my all Ghost team! :)

    1. Aaa i love ghost types too! I will try to buy it for my birthday or as soon as I get an opportunity^^ And Go your ghost team!! ^^

    2. Aaa i love ghost types too! I will try to buy it for my birthday or as soon as I get an opportunity^^ And Go your ghost team!! ^^

  2. You should Battle me sometime then! :D