Pinky Paradise - GEO White Lens SF 16 - Review

by - 10/02/2016

Spooky time!

Hi everyone! Fall is here and fall means spoopy time all month until the most important day comes! So in the name of that Pinky Paradise approached me to send me lenses so I can make some spoopy looks for you all! And we all know after this review post I'm going to make lots of J-rocker looks with these lenses! 
So they arrived extremely quick by DHL and were nicely packed into 2 envelopes. The lenses came wrapped in foam, together with a lens case and a little gift. Here's how they looked in their bottles.
And you can see how bold they are even in bottle.
This is the little gift, that hair thingie I never learned the name of! But I got it now in pink too, yay!
Moving on to the important stuff, here's how the lenses look inside their lens case, from the inner & outer side of them. The black rim side is how the lens actually looks on the eye.

Dia: 14.2 mm
B.C: 8.6 mm
Water content: 42%
Duration: 1 year
Price: 21.90$ (But you can use code "visualmadness50" to get 50% off price this whole month!)

So this is my first crazy lens pair and I need to get used to how bold they are! They are a bit different than circle lenses but not that much. Since the color is very opaque you need to place them perfectly so you wont see blurry. But I'm loving it, they are so perfect for my upcoming visual kei looks!
This is how they look, compared with no lens in one eye, both lenses in a a bit of "makeup" on.

*Complete color coverage
*Slightly enlarging
*1 year lifespan
* +points for the spooky effect
*If you don't adjust them perfectly your vision might get blurry.

I'm going to show you full looks in the upcoming v-kei series with these lenses! So stay tuned for some fun make up looks.

But now I want to remind you that you can get these or any normal lenses on the Pinky Paradise website with 50% off just by using the code "visualmadness50". This will last from now untill 31st October so use the opportunity to get cheaper lenses! ^^ 

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