LensVillage - Ace Black Circle Lenses - Review

by - 10/11/2016

Lens time again!

Here's another lenses review but this time from LensVillage! They kindly approached me to send me a pair of lenses of my choice and I chose this black pair! I've never had black ones, so time to give them a shot. These arrived very fast as well but my busy self couldn't write the review sooner because of college. They were nicely packed in their envelope and wrapped with bubble wrap together with a lens case and some flyers. Here's how they looked:
A peak at how they looked in their bottles:
And the Lensvillage flyers ^^
This is the lenses inside their lens case, they sent me a very cute one :3 One lens is how it look from the outer side the other one if the inner side.

Dia: 14.50mm
B.C: 8.6mm
Duration: 1 year
Price:19.50 $ (You can use code Olivera to get 15% off the website)

These lenses give my eyes an instant dolly eye effect even tho they are black! I was surprised myself, but they actually look cute on the eyes. Even without make up at all they look cute, so here's photos without and with makeup on.

*Enlarging the eye
*Dolly eye effect
*1 year lifespan
Nothing at all! Maybe if someone wants a whole eye coverage these won't be suitable for that. But if you want them for cute make up they are perfect.

Here's a look I did for these lenses, I had lots of fun doing this make up :3

Don't die from cuteness okay? uwu 
Make sure to checkout LensVillage for more lenses and don't forget to use code "Olivera15" for a 15% discount! Here are their sites:

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