Creer Beaute *Sailor Moon* Mask sheets + Liquid Liner - Review

by - 10/10/2016


Hello there~ I'm here with a different beauty review. Not my usual Korean make up hauls, this time I got some Japanese cosmetics ^^ I found a website that sells authentic stuff with reasonable prices, and they have a variety of Japanese cosmetic brands. The name is Alpha Beauty,  their staff is responsive to messages and helpful. I couldn't get shipping quotes to my country and they fixed this immediately. Plus I'm surprised by the cheap shipping price, but also very fast! I received the package pretty fast, it was all neatly packed in an envelope and protected with bubble wrap. I always give plus points when the package is nicely delivered and undamaged at all. So here's how the stuff looks:

What a long name right? But this product is amazing. As you can see on the  first photo the package box is really cute. It comes with 5 masks and they smell so good, they got a white rose scent. Each package is filled with essence and the masks stick well to the face and don't slip. They made my skin feel so soft now :3 Each character of Sailor moon represent a main beauty ingredient for these masks, that's why I love products like these ^^ Here's how they look inside; and the masks themselves are normal white ones.

Creer Beaute x Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Liner (red)
I always loved the Sailor Moon liners, but the one I want is always out of stock, so I decided to get these other ones without rods. I wanted to try the red one which is supposed to be Sailor Mars. It's an liquid eyeliner with an 0.1mm ultra fine brush which is so soft btw. It's also waterproof as it says, since I had it swatched on my hand while I was out in the rain and it's still on. Here's how it looks when you take it out of the package.
 As you can tell by the photo it's secured with a plastic and a sticker, so you need to remove those, put it together and adjust it, and just turn the cap until product starts coming out. I took a picture before I did all that so you can see how white and clean it looks.
I also did a swatch on my hand so you can see the color payoff. I would much preferred it if it wasn't a sheer red. But it has glitters in it too :3 I would describe it as a blood red, that's how it looks on my skin.
And I have another photo of how the masks and eyeliner packages look from the backside because that's how you can tell that they are authentic, by the stickers.

Overall I'm pretty happy with what I bought and will try to get more Sailor Moon or Versailles stuff from Creer Beaute since I adore them. If you are interested you can find these on Alpha Beauty. I'm very glad I found this site because they sell many Japanese brands which I've been eyeing for quite some time and would like to try in the future. Plus the prices are normal and the shipping is fast and that's a pretty nice deal. Hope you enjoyed this review, I'll be back with more soon~~~

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