WOWBOX Dagashi - Review

by - 9/21/2016


So I got a cute yellow box in the mail and wondered what did I order this time?! But it turns out it's not any of my orders but the WOWBOX I was sent to review. I was really happy and excited to try some new Japanese candies! For those new to these things, WOWBOX is a monthly subscription box filled with Japanese candy. You can choose the type and size of the box according to your taste. They currently offer Fun&Tasty, Kawaii&Beauty, New&Limited and Dagashi type of boxes,] in different sizes. Compared to other boxes I think Wowbox has the most reasonable price and offers a full box of goodies. Also I don't know all the names so I add random titles to some :3

Let's move on to the box and how it looks. It has a really fun design, and the Dagashi one is yellow^^
 The inside when you open it is also cute and you get a welcome flyer.
And now for the candies individually, I'll write in the order I was tasting them.

Sankaku Crackers
This is the first item I grabbed and tasted, and I'm glad I did because I love it. They were pyramid shaped crackers with probably herb seasoning and they tasted amazing. They also had a strong herb smell. I could eat 10 packs of these I swear.

Pigie Ramen
This was a tiny package with contents that looked like ramen inside. It tasted like eating dry pork flavored ramen, and they were very very salty.

After the salty treats I wanted something sweet and got this thing. It's texture was so soft and the inside was creamy, I just love cocoa chocolate flavored sweets.

Morokoshi Wa Taro
CORN! I love corn flavored sweets! These were big soft and puffy and tasted amazing, I really want more of them now haha.

When I saw these my first thought was that it's hard candy, when I opened to taste them I thought its gum, but it turned out they are cola flavored caramels. Each of them individually wrapped inside. Even tho I liked them, they were so sticky, my poor teeth x3

Suppa Sour
Oh boy, I struggled to open this one then I figured if I remove the plastic first it's easy-peasy. This was a little spray bottle with liquid in it. I remember buying these kinds of thing when I was a kid. It had a really sour grape flavor. But the kinda artificial grape flavor which is not my fave.

Heart Chiple
These was heart shaped chips, but it was a bit softer than normal chips. The flavor was barbeque but also chilly which I loved~ Ah I liked these a lot, I can never have enough chilly flavored sweets.

Sour paper
You know those long gummy candies? Well this was one of them. I expected it to be a lot more sour but it was just slightly sour with a lemon taste, but I liked it! ^^

Soft bun
I have mixed feelings about this one. It was crunchy and had a honey flavor on the outside, but a very soft sweet texture on the inside, but it tasted sugary and too sweet for me. I still ate it tho. :D

Chewing gums
So this box had 2 chewing gums too. When you open and remove the paper package, on the back of it there are 2 pictures and I think its like a little game for kids to recognize the differences between the 2 photos. Inside of the foil you get the gum which is in 2 halves and a fun paper with characters. The one I opened had spooky ones haha, a skeleton and a cute little devil. I liked the taste too.

iPhone Candy
New phone who dis? This iphone shaped candy gave me the opportunity to joke around with my friend a bit before I ate it. The packaging is made to look like a phone screen and inside you have square shaped hard gummy candies and a pick to eat them with. They kinda tasted too sugary for me.

Raisin candy
Okay we are at the last item..and the thing I was most afraid to try. I could see from the packaging that its some sort of liquid juice but it had raisins inside.. I mean I like to eat dry ones but I wasn't sure about this.. soo the juice kinda tasted like apple? Idk i got confused and I didn't like it, it had a very strong smell too. So this is the only item I didn't enjoy.

So that was all and I think it was a lot of items, so it's worth it. It's well packaged, handled with care and sent from Japan, so make sure to visit their website for all of the other box options. I know that I would really like to get a Kawai&Beauty one sometime (in hopes I'll get a Gudetama candy inside) ^^ Hope you liked this post! Until the next one~~~~

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