by - 9/29/2016


Hello! I'm back with a new outfit post after a while^-^ It's one of my faves from the recent ones. The main point of this coordinate is the lovely layered skirt from Hippies!
I'm getting in that spoopy mood more and more as the weather gets colder, so I'm feelin' my true self.
I just love asymmetrical clothes especially with mixed materials like this skirt has.
 This whole shirt has writings on it too, pretty dark ones gotta say.
Oh and this time I tried a different pose and it turned out so nice!

Spam end with a portrait :3
Lovely photos by P.S. Photography. :3

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Pinkicon
Choker: J-rock Chibis
Top/Skirt: Hippies
Shoes: Demonia

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