V系 - Sena (Jiluka)

by - 9/13/2016


Hey there! So today I'm going to start a little project on this blog which is doing Visual Kei inspired makeup at least once a week! I'm going to make a separate tag for it so the posts can be found easily. Starting today, my inspiration was Sena from Jiluka. Here's how he looks.
He really reminds me of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII in some photos, he kinda even has the same haircut like her. Oh and with every post I'll leave a song from the band, so here's a PV from Jiluka: Faizh.

Now note that I'm doing inspired looks and not completely copying everything as I would do for cosplay. I would but unfortunately I don't have that many wigs to do so. And I want to do this to actually give something to the scene I've been enjoying for so long and I would love to see it spreading more. Okay here's my take on it ~
I have no idea why I made this fist pose but don't mind it, I was probably holding my hair.

I also post these looks on my instagram, before I make the actual post, so you can follow me there too.

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And a lil video :3

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I'm really excited to start this project so I hope you'll find it interesting and maybe find some band recommendations fitting your taste. ^^
See you next week with a new Visual kei series post!

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