V系 - Ryo (ShellMy)

by - 9/25/2016


Did you miss the V系 posts yet? Because I'm not planning to stop with them any time soon. ;)
Today's inspiration is Ryo from ShellMy, I liked the dots and X's so it had to be done. Here's his look:

I try to choose more interesting looks , and also pick some underrated bands because sooner or later I'm still gonna do looks inspired by my and everyones faves so just stay tooned for that. Song choice from ShellMy: 他人  
It was my first time listening to this band and I liked them, I hope you like them too.
So every time I recreate a look from a J-rocker I realize that I either need more wigs, more piercings or lenses, etc. So I'll be even more prepared next time. 

Ever since I started working on this little project, the day I publish the v系 posts are my fave days of the week. I'm even procrastinating on my cosplay work because this has been tons of fun for me. But gotta admit Visual kei revived me back from my artist block. It's been a while since I did something creative I wanted, so I'll go on with full force! 
Here's the regular phone selfie with super low quality.
The funny thing with these make up looks is that I do them with cute Korean cosmetic products which always advertise soft and romantic ulzzang looks and my final products sometimes might look like the spawn of the devil (you'll see what I'm talking about in the next post). But that's the fun to it! 

So I'll end this post with a insta video, and see you in the next one!
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