V系 - Reiya (Xaa Xaa)

by - 9/18/2016

Another week, another J-rocker choice! ^^
This time the inspiration is Reiya from Xaa-Xaa! The second I saw his photo I knew I wanted to try and recreate the make-up. This is his look:

I seem to really like crosses so it had to be done haha. Song & PV choice from Xaa-Xaa: したいいだけでしょ. (just click for video link as usual) 

Luckily this time I had a white wig so I could do a more accurate look.

As much as fake eyelashes complete a look, I really hate them. Or maybe I hate the eyelash glue I have which takes ages to clean afterwards. Anyway I enjoyed this look a lot and have quite a lot more on my to do list for the future posts. Feel free to drop suggestions in the comments too, if you want me to make a post about a particular J-rocker.

I wonder why I make better photos with my phone instead of the camera >.< If only the quality would be better or similar to the camera, but oh well, the difference isn't that huge anyway. As long as you can see the make up clearly.

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See you next time!

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